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Conspiracies of All Kinds

Tennessee Federal Conspiracy Attorney

If you have been charged for any form of a conspiracy, speak to a Memphis federal criminal lawyer as soon as possible. A conspiracy is an agreement by two (2) or more people to commit an illegal act and then one (1) overt act in furtherance of the agreement. Often referred to as the "darling of the prosecutor", conspiracy requires only proof of an agreement and one (1) overt act, so it is easy for the prosecutor to convince a jury.

For example, imagine we are sitting in my office and I am complaining about paying my bills and say I need some money. We talk, and you and I agree to rob the liquor store. I tell you to come back after I close the office and we will do it then. You leave and go get the gun we are going to use. You return to my office and I say, "Hey, guess what? I got lucky and some money came in today so, now I do not need to rob the liquor store." We do not to rob the liquor store, so we are not guilty of robbery because we did not complete the crime. However, the two of us did agree to do an illegal act (rob the liquor store) and one of us committed an overt act (got the gun) and therefore we did complete the crime of conspiracy.

Defense Against Federal Crimes

Conspiracy is an on-going crime that one may join or leave at any point. However, once one joins a conspiracy one is liable for whatever occurs that is "reasonably foreseeable" during his membership. One is liable for all "reasonably foreseeable" acts done during his membership in the conspiracy, even if one did not even know that specific overt act was to occur. Conspiracy is a complex issue and it is never too early to contact a qualified attorney for legal assistance.

Allow me to put my experience and skills in the federal criminal system to work for you by contacting a Memphis federal conspiracy attorneyfrom the office.

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