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Federal Sentencing Guidelines

Tennessee Federal Crime Attorney

The Federal Sentencing Guidelines are unique to the federal system and very different from what you would encounter in the state system. The primary goal of the Federal Sentencing Guidelines is to alleviate sentencing disparity and to provide determinate sentencing. Determinate sentencing is a sentence determined at the time the sentence is imposed. Indeterminate sentencing is used in the state system and is a system in which maximum and minimum sentences are pronounced at sentencing, but the actual prison time is determined by a parole board after the person has served a portion of his or her sentence. Parole was abolished in the federal system in 1988 as part of the "reformation" of federal criminal law under the Reagan Administration.

Guidelines on Federal Sentencing in Memphis and Tennessee

The Guidelines determine a sentence primarily based on two factors: the offense conduct and the criminal history category. Several things are considered when determining the two factors and this process can be difficult to follow and understand. Departures, variances, and adjustments to the recommended advisory guideline range can add to the difficulty. Due to the level of complexity, it is important that you retain a qualified attorney to assist you. As a Memphis federal criminal lawyer, I have worked with the Federal Sentencing Guidelines continuously since the day they took effect. Allow me to put my experience and skills in the federal criminal system to work for you by contacting me at (901) 543-9798.

Don't hesitate to contact a Memphis federal criminal defense attorney from the firm as soon as possible to get started on a defensive plan.

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